Monday, February 04, 2008

It's a tragedy

Well actually it is not a tragedy. In fact, it really speaks to how wonderful my life is right now that the closest thing I can get to a tragedy is that my Xbox is dead. As you may or may not be aware the Xbox 360 has a reputation of hardware failure. Usually this hardware failure is the dreaded three red rings of death and is associated with overheating. I only suffered one red ring, and had the graphics emulator (or encoder, or something basically what transfers the data from the console to the screen) go out. I am currently awaiting a "coffin" from UPS so I can send it in to get fixed.

Now the tragic part is that it takes about a month to get the console back, and one of my most anticipated games (ever?), Culdcept Saga, comes out this week. So I won't be playing the Xbox for a month which means I am stuck with the DS and free PC games (if anyone knows any good free PC games, especially shooters send them my way!). Like I said, a tragedy (but not really!)


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