Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Official List of "Us" Things

So it was my original hope to post this list on Valentine's Day, because then it would have been all cute and what not. But that didn't happen, so at this point I suppose it is better late than never.

I could be wrong about this, but I think that all couples (at least married/serious couples) have their own "us" things. I do not know how to fully explain what I mean by this, so I hope you know what I am talking about. If not, then my best stab at it is these are things/places/etc that Abigail and I share a mutual affinity for. Moreover, when I think of this thing I immediately think of Abigail as well, thus increasing the thought of whatever it is being a "us" thing. Like I said, hard to explain. Anyway, here is the complete list of "us" things:

1. Waterfalls
I honestly do not remember how this became an "us" thing, but it has been for a long time. On our honeymoon we purposely went to see a waterfall. We did the same thing the next year, and in Scotland as well. Actually, every time we have had the opportunity to see a waterfall we have done so. For whatever reason, this tops our list of "us" things.

2. Skee Ball
I think it is a commonly known fact that I am very competitive. A very little known fact is that Abigail is as well. I discovered this while we were dating, as I ignited this competitive spirit over miniature golf and then Skee ball. She eventually gave up on keeping a competition up with miniature golf, because her win-loss record against me was borderline embarrassing. However, Skee Ball is something that we are very equal in and healthy competition abounds. On more than one occasion we have taken dates to Chuck E. Cheese to eat pizza and play Skee Ball. Now though we have our own Skee Ball game so we can play when ever we want :)

3. McDonald's Ice Coffee
Neither one of us drink coffee "regularly", nor do we particularly care for it, but we are both really big fans of McDonald's ice coffee. Once I joked about how Abigail, secretly gets one every day on her way to work, which she swore was not true. So I countered, well then you must do it at least one a week. That at the time was not true, but it now is. We recount that to each other often, and it is still funny. Though I realize, while typing it that it probably is not funny to read, which confirms this is an "us" thing.

4. 24 and the Amazing Race.
I got completely out of the habit of watching TV during the college, and I really don't miss it. However, these are two shows that I watch with Abigail. The Amazing Race is probably my favorite TV show, and watching it with Abigail is half the fun. 24, we started watching on DVD and we tended to watch the episodes in marathon sessions. ALL of the fun in watching 24 comes from Abigail's responses to the ridiculous situations and decisions that Jack makes.

5. The X-Files
We are bad X-Files fans. We have had two seasons on DVD for five months and another two for two months, and we have only watched a hand full of episodes. However, this get a spot on the list, because it was X-Files that drew us together. The one TV show that I did not want to give up watching was X-Files, and since I did not have a TV my freshmen year I went to Abigail's dorm and watched it with her every week.

6. Champions of Norrath
The last few items on the list show my influence on Abigail as I have pulled her ever closer to the "dork side". Like X-Files, this is on the list for posterity, since the last Champions of Norrath game came out four years ago. This is a hack and slash RPG that Abigail got into and we played together. We played through the original two or three times, and the sequel came out close to Valentine's day in 2005, so we both took off work and played together all day. Best. Valentie's. Day. Ever.

7. Rock Band
This is our current video game of choice. We have spent hours playing Rock Band together. When ever we hear a song somewhere that is from Rock Band we just look at each other and smile.

8. Board Games
We have always played games together, but both of us have gotten a bit more into it in the past few months, so that a few weeks ago Abigail agreed with me that playing board games together is officially an us thing. It was that declaration that led me to think of the other us things and make this list.


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