Friday, November 19, 2004

I hate lock-ins.

Well hate might be a strong word, but I really don't like them. In fact, I think all youth ministers dislike lock-ins. But teenagers love them because they are fun. Today (well actually yesterday, but I am still awake so it is today) I successfully held my 5th lock-in. This one was different because it was held completely during the day. The teens had a half day of school, so they immediatly came to the church and stayed until 11:30. It was still very much a typical lock-in. A flower vase was broken, I had to ask some people to leave the church grounds, People fought and cussed at each other because of a game, someone got a whelt from a rubber band, I had to constantly break up a couple who were way to close, and a huge mess was made. But the kids had fun. I shared the gospel with over 20 teens (most had already heard it, but planting seeds is planting seeds), and thanks to two wonderful volunteers I got to spend most of the time actually interacting and getting to know youth instead of being a patroling policeman, and since the lock-in was all day I won't be ultra tired for Rusty's Wedding. It is a win-win.


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