Thursday, November 18, 2004


I am waiting for the dryer to stop so I can leave . .. and this seems as a good of a way to kill time as any.

A few days ago I had a temporary lapse in good judgement and got sucked into watching a Fox show that wasn't Simpsons. It was an episode of Trading Spouses, and while I did end up feeling like I wasted an hour, it was also modertly intersting. They traded moms from a cultural, non practicing but very big into the idea of "being" Jewish mom with what in my mind is a very sterotypical Mega-Church mom (2 Cradle Christan kids who's social life is the youth group, well off financially, stay at home). The Jewish mom made me laugh because she purposefully distanced her self from every Christian by starting off EVERY conversation with "Hi I'm (fill-in name). I am Jewish". Then she compalined about how distant everyone was. However, what really, really got my interest is that in two instances the Christian mom tried two of the oldest object lessons in the Youth worker's play book. First she tried explaining to the dad that he should talk to his daughters about sexual purity using a candy bar (pass the candy bar around a lot it eventually gets really gross. . .this is what you are like after having sex and being "passed around" do you want to present yourself to your husband like this or like a new candy bar). The Father's thoughts was this was weird and that he had no right talk to his daughters about something so personal. Which made me think he is smoking crack, but I digress. Second, the kids in the jewish family were very negative towards each other. So she gets a tube of tooth paste and has them squeeze it out everywhere, then tells them to put it back in the tube. Obviously, it is impossible and the point is that harmful words are the same way once you say them you can't take them back. The mom thought she was clever and had done a great service to the kids and made a difference. However, the kids thought she was psycho and a direct quote that she is "a hateful, judgemental, bitch."
This really got me thinking as a youth minister, because after I make some kind of point that I thought was well illustrated and well recieved do teenagers turn around and say something like that. . .

I really have no conclusion to this, but the laundry is done and so am I.


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