Tuesday, January 25, 2005

I'm a Seqoya Farmer

I read a quote recently that being a youth worker is a lot like being a Seqoya farmer. A Seqoya farmer will never see the seeds he plants come to frutiation, and that is largely true with youth ministry. Every week I preach to kids in the morning, and every eveing I try to help the learn Biblical truth in a fun way. I also spend several hours a week just trying to build relationships with a wide variety of teens. The thing is that, will I actually see a lot of tangible growth in the time that I have them. Just like in trees, when they are young most of the growth is in the roots, not in the height, so outwardly it looks like there isn't much growth but underneat they are getting their roots in place. I have been thinking a lot about this lately, because I have been tempted by the thought "is this worth it?" Obviously the answer is a resounding yes. The fact that what I say seems to make no impact on their life makes me doubt it, but when I can really feel the Holy Spirit doing His thing, and when afterwards a teen who seemed to not be paying attention looks at me reflectly and says. "that was deep" I know I have to be doing something right. Anyway, here is a brief overview of the topics that I will be covering at youth group meeting for the next month or two. If you have any creative spurts and have ideas for things to do for these topics please, please let me know:

1/30 Anger

2/13 Spiritual Gifts: Part I

2/20 Spiritual Gifts: Part II

3/6 Big Questions: How can I really know God is real?

3/13 Big Questions: How could a loving God send people to hell?

Big Questions: Why does God allow suffering?

Big Questions: Which is right Creation or Evolution?

4/17 Big Questions: Which is right Creation or Evolution 2?


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As one youth worker to another, the fact that you care enough about your kids to build relationships with them is making an impact - I guarantee it. And while I don't have any "creative spurts" about your upcoming topics, I will definitely pray for you since I know the topics are difficult enough, but somehow kids can make them even tougher. Let me know if you ever need anything! Oh, and I finally got to play "Spacemen and Aliens" (the game that's a HUGE hit with our youth group) and will send you directions soon.


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