Thursday, January 27, 2005

I've got off suit ace and a pair of duce from the flop. . .

I don't have cable. Appearently though every cable channel in existence is in some way shape or form featuring Texas Hold'em. The game mystified me largely because I didn't really understand it. The flop? turn? river? However, over Thanksgiving my brother explained the rules to me, and then 2 fridays later or so I played it at church with some teenagers (using board game money, so relax . . .i'm not that bad of a methodist). To make a long story short (to late), I recieved a gift card from Wal-mart from one of Abigail's realtives and I invested in World Championship Poker (and a Asajj Ventress Star Wars figure but that is neither here nor there). World Championship Poker is good for multiple reasons.

1. It is cheap. Only $20!!
2. It features multiple types of Poker. Of course it has Texas Hold'em. It also has the other two types of Poker I know how to play, five card draw (thanks to my dad) and seven card stud (thanks to Data and Commander Ryker). In addition to that it has like 9 other types of Poker I have never heard of.
3. Crazy Chracter custominzation. Why is it games like this and golf have the most in depth chacter creation process? Anyway you can make your character competly unique which is a good thing.
4. Online play. This is the best part and why I got it. I can play cards with people when ever I want, and the best part it doesn't cost me anything! Even better, if I do something stupid like go all in with a pair of threes and lose, I just exit re-load and start again all of my money intact.
5. Not many people use it, but the game fully supports the Eye-toy so you can see the people (or in my case see Darth Vader which I focus the Eye-toy on) and try to call their bluffs.

If you have an X-box or PS2 and especially if you are online and want a change of pace then I highly recomend this game, and after all it is only $20!


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