Wednesday, February 02, 2005

My Journey to the Dork Side is now Complete

I was looking at a message board for Star Wars Battlefront. Quickly glancing over the people bragging about how many kills they have and wonderful strategies to exploit. Then I saw a thread asking about Battlefront fan fiction. Instantly, an entire story just popped in my head. Seriously from start to finish it was all there. I decided it would be an absolute crime to waste such a creative burst, so I started writing. It took less than an hour to write this, which really shows it was all there from the beginning. So here it is, my very first ever Fan-Fiction:

Star Wars Battlefront: Skirmish on Naboo

Ash Urland looked out over the verdant field of short grass swaying ever so casually in the gentle breeze. He had only been planetside for four hours and he already had a bad feeling about this. Ash was not typically a pessimist, but from the concealed position he was sitting at behind the long fallen stone column there was not much to feel good about. He and his squad had been deployed to Naboo, the Emperor’s private vacation fortress. The native Gungans had organized a rather effective resistance. However, while the Gungan warriors could tell glorious war stories from the Clone Wars, they were no match for the new prototype dark troopers that could be found on Naboo, which is why he was here. The Gungans requested reinforcements from the Rebel Alliance. The Alliance was already resource strapped and all they could muster was one platoon of infantry with marksman specialists and one under-staffed platoon of vanguard. Ash shrugged to himself, he supposed it was better than still being stationed on Alderaan just waiting for action.

Ash scanned the area again using his electrobinoculars. Before him lay an open field with the remnants of head statues and columns scattered all across it. The Rebel Vanguard was up to his East in a concentration of columns setting a defensive perimeter. “Just in case” the commanding officer told him. Ash hated “Just in cases”. He looked at the forces behind him lying in the grass or crouched up against the ancient statues. The Vanguard, the few gungans, and his forces probably made up about two hundred, two twenty five max. His forces, the thought still seemed odd to Ash. They were not supposed to be his forces, after all his rank was only at sergeant. However, the ambush took care of that. Somehow the Imperial spies of COMPNOR had somehow found about the LZ, and they were ready. Thankfully, the Gungans were able to get the two hundred survivors out and put some distance between them and the pursuing stormtroopers, but not before their equipment vessel was destroyed, dozens of soldiers were slaughtered, and every CO down to Ash was dropped. The secret route the Gungans took through the bog did buy them some time, but the Empire was in pursuit.

Ash sighed. They had no choice they had to move on. “Alright, move out” Ash shouted as he gave the appropriate hand signals. The entire unit of infantry began to move in standard diamond formation across the grass. Of course once they were completely in the open the panicked cry came over the Comlink from the vanguard unit, “Two AT-STs and at least three squads of stormtroopers coming over the hill. Contact is hostile, I repeat contact is hostile.”

Ash cursed to himself and quickly gave the “all-out” command signal, and indicated they should head for the grouping of head statues situated in the center of the field. The entire remainder of the platoon broke formation and ran for the cover as ordered. Ash got behind a limestone head and began barking orders, “Set up a defensive perimeter and keep it tight. Stay under cover and out of the fire of those AT-ST, or. ..”

Ash’s words were cut off by the thundering blast from one of the AT-STs as three soldiers who were a little slow moving were sent flying from the impact of the blast. The Gungan on the ground beside him whimpered “We’sa going to die”. Damn Gungins, they did not always have to state obvious.

Ash’s death wishes to the Gungans were interrupted by a shout from his left coming from one of the marksmen, “Sir, we have hard contact to the West.” Ash quickly looked to the hill to his west and by a fallen pillar he saw Scout Troopers in defensive positions and saw that they were setting up shots with their sniper rifles. The Gungan’s words turned out to be a self-fulfilling prophecy as one of the bolts whizzed by Ash’s head and went through and through the Gungan’s. Ash dropped and laid flat on the ground. This situation went from bad to worse. They were flanked, and with snipers doing the flanking no less. The AT-ST was hammering their position and taking out everyone that was firmly in cover. Ash could only assume the other AT-ST and the stormtroopers were focusing on the vanguard. He just hoped their mines, missile launchers, and wookies could hold back their assault. Ash did some rough math. The vanguard had only reported three squads their were probably more but if there was much more they would have been seen and there could not have been to many more to Ash’s flank. He guessitmated two hundred, but hell for all he knew there was an entire company waiting on the other side of the hill to his north. What he did know for sure is that they were pinned down and were about to be overrun. Ash got out his comlink, he did not care that it was not encrypted or any of that other proper garbage his situation was desperate, and desperate times call for desperate measures. Ash knew there was a secret starfighter base on Naboo’s moon and he was getting help.

“This is the 82nd Planetborne infantry, to bogey base. Bogey base copy.”

A stuffy tech replied, “82nd you are broadcasting over an unsecured channel please cease and desist this activity according to protocol number.. .”

Ash cut him off, “ I do not care about your blasted protocols! Broken lightsaber, I repeat broken lightsaber.”

Ash could almost see the tech’s face turn white from the silence that returned over the comlink. He had probably never expected to hear the code for a rebel unit about to be decimated and requesting all available air support.

A different voice returned over the com-link, “82nd this is bogey one I am already airborne and I heard your cry for help. ETA for your location two minutes.”

Those two minutes for Ash felt more like two decades. He could not do much other than hug the statues around him for cover. The snipers were taking their toll on his unit despite the best efforts of his own Marksman to hold them back. The AT-ST stopped firing. The only thing that meant is that stormtroopers were moving in. He risked a peak and saw sure enough two squads running towards him. The stormtroopers began suppression fire. Ash leveled his weapon at them and pulled the trigger. Both squads and the AT-ST went up in a ball of flames. Ash was about to begin wondering what kind of ammunition he had in this thing when he heard the sonic boom, and then he saw the X-wing flying back up to space before the TIEs were sent after him.

Ash knew this was his chance. He stood up and began running to the snipers, they certainly would not expect an all out attack. Just as they were trained his unit followed him, while the marksman laid down covering fire. Ash pulled the trigger and shot a volley straight into a scout trooper. The scout troopers, while accurate, could not take out the whole unit with their slow loading sniper rifles. They were quickly over-run. Ash saw a squad of stormtroopers with a squad of four darktroopers in the grove at the base of the hill. He gave the hand signal and his unit dropped to the ground and opened fire. The stormtroopers returned fire, but they were outnumbered and being shot at from an elevated position, it was not much but in combat any extra meters gave the advantage. The dark troopers shot off in the air with their jump packs. Ash took one down in mid-flight with a well place shot. Another dark trooper landed just a meter behind Ash. He shot with his lethal blast cannon but Ash leapt and rolled to the side. He quickly dropped a grenade at the dark troopers feet and jumped back, avoiding another blast canon shot. The dark trooper never knew what hit him. The other two dark troopers wrecked havoc on the infantry but the marksman took them out before to much damage was done. As if they were playing out a training exercise, the rebel infantry moved to secure and set up perimeter around the grove at the base of the hill without so much as a peep from Ash. He did not mind, well trained men could function with out an officer anyway. Before Ash could even begin to catch his breath, the vanguard commander came over the comlink, “We have routed the stormtroopers on our side, and taken down the AT-ST. Our defenses held. We will see you at the top of the hill. Ash, led his unit in a charge just in case, but there was nothing to worry about. There was only a squad of stormtroopers left at the top of the hill and they were being attacked from two sides. It rained down blaster and bowcaster fire on them and it was only seconds before the last one fell.

Ash breathed a sigh of relief. The threat was just a small force sent to stop them and let the bigger force behind them catch up. They had fought through a lot better than Ash had hoped. As they headed for the mountains to find a place to set up a base to begin operations, Ash smiled. While two hundred soldiers was not exactly a planet taking force, who knew? With a little luck and the force they might even be able to eventually pull off a successful assault on Theed.


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