Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Role Reversal

So on any given night that both Abigail and I are home a scene that will occur at some point through the night is Abigail is a the computer and I am playing the PS2, now before we were in different rooms and that was sad, but now that we have moved the PS2 into the same room as the computer we get to betogether both doing something we enjoy and talking about it with each other, and all is right with the world. However, last night was odd. Because I was the one at the computer and Abigail was the one playing the Ps2 online! Every time I have ever gotten Abigail to start enjoying a video game I have posted it because it is one more step in my diabolical goal. The most recent game that Abigail has gotten excited about is World Poker Championship. I have discovered that while she has a hard time remembering what is higher, the girl can play cards. So don't try bluffing her, because you'll lose. Along similar lines I am extremely excited about February 11th. The new Champions of Norrath comes out on the 10th, and Abigail is taking the day off of work so we can play it together all day!!


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