Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Top Ten games I want to see made

So Substitute teaching can be really boring. A lot of it involves giving an assignment and watching kids do said assignment. Fortuantly, I have devised ways to keep them quiet so I don't have any headaches from unruly punks, but I am left bored out of my mind. Sadly, reading while they are working is mostly out of the question because then they think I am not paying attention and try to get away with more stuff. However, I have found I can write what ever I want, because if someone starts talking I make eye-contact with them look at the seating chart, look back at them, and start writing again. This makes them think I am writing evil things about them to the teacher and they stop >:) when in fact I am usually brain storming about something. For instance, I wrote out a submission that I made for a monthly contest for Playstation Magazine called Pitch the Pros. After doing that I also made out a list of nine other games I want to see made, so here they are:

10. Vision Quest It seems that just about every turn based RPG made is in some fantasy world setting. This one would be set in the United States around like 1492. The main character would be an Iriqouis warrior who travels around the U.S. meeting various tribes and recruiting new party members.

9. Mage Knights: Virtual Dungeons: Duel Masters and Yu-gi-oh aleady have versions of their collectible game on the PS2, so why not Mage Knights? It would be really fun, and cost a fraction of what playing the actual game is. Online play would just make it perfect.

8. Magic the Gathering: Same deal as above

7. Star Wars: Sith Dungeons: Star Wars games have existed in just about every genre known to man. However, one genre they have yet to touch is the Diablo II style action RPG. I guess KOTOR is close, but still there is a difference between the two game plays. It would be truly awesome to run around as a Jedi through randomly generated dungeons, killing bad guys by the hundreds and picking up mad loot.

6. Private Eye: I like the whole idea of GTA gameplay, but I don't like the idea of playing a criminal. Someone really needs to make a game where you can do what you want and be a good guy! It would be cool playing a private eye in an open city environment with a gritty noir feeling. There could be a lot of optional cases that could be taken in addition to the main cases, and actual investigation/interrigation skills would be utilized.

5. Boondock Saints: This Foul Mouthed Movie is just begging for a game! It should go the route of Enter the Matrix and have an original story that uses original video footage for cut scenes.

4. City of Darkness: Timesplitters 2 is cool because every level you play a different character. In my opinion the best character was Viola. She wore a minstrel/clown costume and wielded a shotgun. The setting was a 1800's Gothic Paris. This would make a wonderful Zombie blasting, Vampire Hunting, Warlock killing game.

3. Eye Toy: Ninja Sword: One of the main reasons I got the Eyetoy was for a game like this to be made. I want to see a game where I use a plastic sword to hack at enemeis on the screen, as well as block their attacks.

2. Star Wars: Tatics: This is another area Star Wars has not been in yet, but a Star Wars strategy RPG would be awesome! It should be complete with the whole 2D anime-sprite look that just about every strategy RPG has.

1. Napoleon: This is the game I submitted for the contest, and here is the description I sent:
War games have been popular on the console for several

years now. However, wars outside of the 20th century
have yet to be exploited. This is a gap I think
Napoleon can fill perfectly. With a unique blend of
strategy and action, Napoleon would cast the player in
the role of the infamous, short, French general.
Players will make policy decisions that can affect
different areas of the game. Next, they select a
battlefield to their continual conquest of Europe.
Pre-battle the players can choose unit composition,
formation, deployment, and overall strategy. Instead
of commanding from a removed viewpoint players have
the option of playing a common soldier. Standing in a
straight line shooting at another straight line does
not sound exciting, but if the players had to manually
adjust for weapon inaccuracy then some rather tense
moments could be created. In addition, bayonet
charges would be extremely fun, complete with parrying
and basic combo attacks. If infantry is not the
player’s cup of tea they can instead take control of a
cavalry unit and hack through enemy lines, or take
control of an artillery unit and adjust the cannon to
find the perfect shot. Going online, head to head
against another would be general will complete the
package and make for a fully immersive and enjoyable


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