Sunday, August 07, 2005

The Crazy Summer Ends

Yes I know summer does not officially end until September, but as far as I am concerned summer is over because tomorrow morning I will really begin in full out speed at my new job. I also consider it an end to the summer, becaue the hecticness of the past 2 1/2 months is now over. It ended with a bang though. Dispite the fact I had not officially started I went with the youth group to Cedar Point. I got to ride the Millenium Force,Image hosted by
but missed out on the Dragester (highest roller coaster in the world. However, I think that for pure fun value though I got to go with the Magnum XL, even though it is slower and not as tall as the Millenium Force, it is full of steep hills that really create that feeling of weightlessness. It was also good to have the long van wide to and from to meet and get to know the youth. I was then home from that trip for about an hour before I took off to direct a church camp. The week of camp was HOT, but really good. However, the camp make up was 20 boys and 5 girls, so there was a TON of drama. Despite all of that the week went well, and a positive spiritual impact was made in multiple campers. It would have been nice to end the summer with attending the Brickyard 400 wtih my family, but this was my first official Sunday at Epworth so I really kind of had to be there.


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