Thursday, August 11, 2005

Pests Problems

We have squirrels. I am fairly confident they are squirrels, because I have heard mice running around inside walls, and these sound a LOT bigger. The first time Abigail heard them she freaked out. There are suppose to be some animal control guys coming out sometime to get rid of the little buggers.
The bigger pest problem is that I may or may not have killed one of thse:
Image hosted by
That is a Brown Recluse Spider. I killed a butt ugly spider in the basement that looks a lot like that. In fact, when I first saw it I thought Brown Recluse and after I killed it I immediatly went up stairs and looked up a picture for comparison. If what I killed was a Brown Recluse let's hope it keeps to it's namesake and the spider I killed was a single reclusive spider.

In completely unrelated news, our goal is to have the house in complete unpacked working order by tomorrow (riight) because Stephen and Amanda will be here.


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