Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Questions about the nerf war lock in

Questions You may have about the Nerf War

So Facebook does not allow notes to be posted on Event pages, so this link will attempt to answer some questions you may have about the Nerf War.

1. If I have my own gun can I bring it?
Yes you can IF it is an official Nerf gun and the ammunition it uses is micro-darts. If the nerf gun has been made in the past three years or so then it will use micro darts. If the gun you bring is a Maverick, Deploy, Recon, fury-Fire, Nite Finder, Barrel Break or Secret Strike then you will be able to use it the entire time. However, if your bring a Stampede, Vulcan, Longshot, Mag-strike, Raider, Alpha Trooper, or any other power gun then you may not necessarily get to used it as these guns will need to be assigned to teams for balance and game type.

2. If I bring my own gun do I still need to pay $35?
Not necessarily. If you bring a comparable gun such as the Recon or Maverick then you do not need to pay to have a Deploy bought for you. If your only gun is a Vulcan then you will need to pay so that you can have a regular gun. If your only gun is a secret strike or a weaker pistol like the fury fire or Nite Finder, then you will need to pay so that you are on equal footing. If you bring your own gun, you also need to provide your own ammo. Everyone who pays gets 60 shots. You do not need to have that many, but you will be at a disadvantage with less. If your bring your own gun and it is a Recon or Deploy, you may still want to buy ammo. How much you need to pay breaks down like this:

A. If you need all supplies (gun, ammo, clips) then pay $35
B. If you have a gun but need ammo and clips then pay $18
C. If you have your own gun and ammo then pay $5 (to help chip in for Vulcan)

3. Can I buy a gun AND bring my own gun?
Yes you can. As mentioned if your bring a power weapon, then you may not always get to use it, but if you pay $35 to buy a gun, and want to bring your Maverick, Nite Finder, or Secret Shot to carry as a back up weapon that is fine. In the same way, if you pay $35 for the Deploy and want to bring an extra clip from another gun you have then that is fine as well.

4. What else do I need?
While it is not required, you may find it helpful to bring a bag to carry all of your extra ammo. While not fashionable, a fanny pack works best (call it a Combat Depolyment pack if you want), any bag would work but the smaller the better so that the bag does not make you a bigger target.


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