Monday, October 24, 2005

A really good weekend

Sadly, Abigail was gone this entire weekend :(
But despite her absence, I had a really full and fun weekend. It started with going around taking pictures for a scavenger hunt, in hopes of winning a copy of Battlefront 2 for my brother. It yielded some interesting pictures like this one:
Image hosted by
Then I had a lock-in Friday night/Saturday morning. Twenty-Five teens showed up and it was a good time. Of course the lock-in rule of something getting broken held true, as we ended up breaking an exit sign (but it was while trying to help out by moving playground equipment outside for the pre-school. Ten teens stayed up all night, and by the early morning I was the only adult left awake. So by 8:30 that morning I was home and asleep. I had to get up at 3 though,because I had plans to meet a youth from Corydon at Circle Center Mall downtown. This was my first experience at driving in REAL downtown city traffic (Louisville doesn't count). It was really cool to see the youth and I enjoyed talking with her. I then came home and met up with brother we went on a hunt to rent a copy of Land of the Dead (and found a VHS tape at Marsh of all places), and get a pizza. Land of the Dead is definatly a decent Zombie movie. If you enjoyed other recent Zombie releases like Dawn of the Dead and 28 Later, then you should watch this one as well. Afterwards, we then shot hordes of Zombies in Timesplitters. Saturday morning I did the church thing, and I actually got to go to Sunday School for the first time in almost 2 months (It is good when all the youth teachers show up!). Afterwards we ate left over pizza and digitally shot more stuff before going off to see Doom. It was a serviceable brainless action movie, though the bungled a few things that could have taken it from servicable to good. I came back finished up the Scavenger Hunt photos and then went to do youth group, which was easy because all we were doing was watching the Princess Bride (on account of the Lock-in) and that effectivly ends a very busy weekend.


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