Friday, November 11, 2005

Best Star Wars Moments

Tonight Abigail and I watched the first three installments of the Star Wars saga, and tomorrow we plan to watch the last three. Last week my brother posted his top ten moments from Star Wars, so I am going to do the same.

Top Ten Star Wars Movie Moments:

10. Yoda and the X-wing: I think I have used this scene for like five different faith illustrations. It is one of those perfect Star Wars moments where the scenery, the characters, and the music all come together perfectly.

9. Battle of Geneosis: This is by far the biggest land battle shown in any of the Star Wars movies. I love the imagery of a Jedi leading a squad of clone troopers into an advancing droid army. I also think that the Attack Gunships are really, really cool.

8. Cantina Scene: So Star Wars. . . .I love it, but do you know why? Yes I grew up watching it when I was very young and had the toys but seriously from 1st grade to 7th I didn't watch a single Star Wars movie. At that point in my life I despertly needed a mental escape, and the summer between my 6th and 7th grade years I found it. I watched an old taped off HBO copy of Star Wars mostly out of boredom, and it gave me the escape I needed. This scene was the most pivitol, because it had so many aliens, so many faces, and each one seemed to have a story. This scene more than any other got me lost in a galaxy far, far away.

7. Darth Vader vs. Luke round 2: Wow, this scene is the ultimate climax of the Star Wars saga. A battle is raging all around, and Darth Vader tempts Luke with the same thing that turned him (saving those he loves). Luke lashes out and there are echoes of the fight between Anikan and Obi-Wan. The thought of it all send shivers down my spine.

6. Darth Maul vs. all: Pod Race. . .Jedi Duel. . .Pod Race. . Jedi Duel. . . Seriously Episode I is not that great. I really do enjoy the story but a lackluster script, butt stupid characters (Jar-Jar) and horrid acting (Jake Lloyd) really detract from it. Despite that, the Darth Maul fight is really, really awesome. It is absolutly perfect how he ignites his double sided lightsaber right as Duel of the Fate starts, and Darth Maul is seriously kick butt.

5. Destroy the Death Star: An ugly Jabba and Greedo shooting first are what most people remember about the Special Edition changes to A New Hope, but I love the way that they updated the fight over the Death Star. This space battle probably more than anything else made people love Star Wars when it first came out in 1977, and it is still fun to watch today.

4. Battle of Coruscaunt: Best. Movie. Opening. Ever. It is seriously like someone went into my mind figured out exactly what be the perfect way to open a movie and did it. If you don't believe how excited this opening sequence gets me, ask Abigail who watched me squirm in glee all three times we saw Episode III in the theaters.

3. Battle of Hoth: Empire Strikes Back is my favorite movie, and this battle is just cool. What can I say? I heart AT-ATs.

2. "I love you": As far as I am concerned the absolute best scene in Star Wars (that doesn't involve Lightsabers anyway) is the one where Han gets frozen in carbonite. Once again, the music is perfect, the atmosphere is perfect, and the characters are perfect. Leia says "I love you" and Han simply replies "I know." Brilliant! It gets me everytime.

1. Obi-wan vs. Anikan: When I watch this my only reaction is still "holy freaking crap!" The whole sequence is absolutly phenomenal. I think this is by far the absolute most epic fight ever put on film in cinema history. Everything about it just feels right and just feels Star Wars.


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