Friday, October 28, 2005

Productivity Drop-out

I knew it was going to happen, and I did not take any corrective measures to prevent it either. I have not got a lot acomplished this week. I essentially got by with the bare mininum of stuff I HAVE to do for work, and other random stuff I need to get done, just didn't happen. Like I said, I knew that was going to happen, and that is all because of this:
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Battlfield 2 came out on Tuesday (I had pre-ordered it back in August) and the game is freaking awesome. It has a 20 mission single player mode (and #16 or what ever I am on now is super annoying), but what really makes it is the online play. It has the same command post capturing style of Battlefront (which stole from Battlefield 1942). The maps are really nice, and allow for some really cool moments like, taking a patrol boat and ramming it up onto a beach head, while firing a gernade launcher and taking three people out, or being a paratrooper. I don't think it is that much of a problem that i have not got a lot done this week, because overall I think I have been very productive, the problem is what happens next week:
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Blogger ButlerBowldog said...

Well, if you ever get too bogged down with games and need to get work done, I know a good way to help you out. Simply put the game on indefinite loan to me. That way the distraction will be out of you house and will allow you to focus exclusively on getting your work done. See, problem solved!

I'm here to help.

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