Sunday, November 06, 2005

What exactly do you mean when you say torn . . .

and most likely that will probably be my question when I see an orthopedic doctor this week. This weekend I took the youth group on a retreat. The theme was "Who is God?" and it went really, really well EXCEPT one thing. One of the activities we did was dart gun capture the flag, and that went well. Afterwards, during their freetime a lot still wanted to play with dart guns, so I made up a capture the flag variant and we played. In the process I had a high speed, mid air collision with a 6th grader. It was her head into my knee, and while she cried and I didn't my knee definatly lost. Yes I said 6th grader and she. I was "taken out" by a 70 lb. 11 year old. Yeah, go ahead laugh it up. Anyway, An ER visit later and I am going to see an orthopedic doctor to find out what exactly in this picture I messed up and how bad.
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Until then my leg is imobilized and I am gimping around on crutches.


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