Sunday, November 27, 2005

A great Holiday

At least that is how I would describe Thanksgiving. Abigail and I went to my parent's house again this year, and helped their church with a community Thanksgiving dinner. Last year afterwards, my brother and I played Battlefront a good deal. This year we did the same thing, so I dare say that two years in a row makes that a tradition! Before that though, we convinced people to play a thanksgiving day game of football. It was really fun. It was confirmed for me that Abigail, does indeed throw like a girl. Apperently people of British nationality have a rather difficult idea understanding the concept of the "three mississippi count". I guess there is nothing comparable in their football or even Rugby. Friday we went to Evansville for some pefect BBQ from Shylers. I also got to trade in some excess video games at Book and Music Exchange, and I think I am going to be fairly happy with what I got in return. Yep, good times indeed.


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