Wednesday, November 23, 2005

The ground is white

Seriously it is. So this past weekend was fairly enjoyable. I did see the new Harry Potter movie on Friday. The only other time I have seen more excitment in a theater are the midnight showings of Star Wars. The movie definatly has some exciting sequences (dragons are the highlight). It definatly felt like a "middle movie". Even less so than the third one Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire does not stand on its own. It assumes existing knowledge of the characters and locations. In a lot of ways the movie also just feels like a set up for what happens next. I don't know how you make an almost three hour long movie feel rushed, but they did it. They crammed so much into this movie that some of it did not get fully developed. Playing paintball was fun on Saturday. Unlike the last times I had played, I did get shot this time (only four times) and it does not hurt that bad. While I did not get the most "kills" I was on the winning team the most. I think that fact plus the fact that I have my own marker (thanks again Adam!) has caused a rumor to spread throughout the church that I am a paintball superman. I did have a few shining moments. The best was when my plan of two up the middle and 1 down each side worked perfectly. We managed to pin all three surviors on the other team behind one spot. While the rest of my team surpressed them, I managed to completely flank them and I let loose and shot two, while the third bolted and got picked off by team. It was fun stuff, and the youth have already informed me we are playing again in the spring.
When Abigail get back from school we will be driving down to Washington to spend Thanksgiving with my family.


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