Thursday, February 28, 2008

A Video Game Full Month

You would think that in a month where I did not have an Xbox (which is now back) I would not end up getting a lot of games, but instead the exact opposite happened. In fact I do not think I have ever acquired 10 games in one month (well actually nine for me and one for Abigail).
So at the beginning of the month I had a $10 online gift card to Wal-mart (which Wal-mart gave to me!) so I used money from January set to go away (because the budget is law) to make up the difference and get a $20 DS game called Orcs and Elves. It is an old school dungeon crawler, and it is ok. However it is limited and I do not think that it will very much replayability.

Then my Xbox died, and in response to that (and to take advantage of a gamestop trade in deal) I took in the game that "killed" my Xbox and a few others I was done with used the credit to get Advance Wars: Days of Ruin for the DS. Advance Wars is one of the best strategy games that exist because it is incredibly simple to learn but it is also very deep in tactics. After that Culdcept Saga came out. Culdcept is seriously the game I wanted more than any other,and I have had it pre-ordered and paid for since it was possible. Now that I have an Xbox I can actually play it, and it was worth the wait. So I am already up to three games in the month and it is the 6th. When the Xbox broke I rented Geometry Wars Galaxies for the Wii (which I "borrowed" from the church), and it turns out that I love Geometry Wars Galaxies. This game is a 2D shooter that is very abstract and just uses shapes (hence the name Geometry Wars), it is very addictive and a good game to zone out to. Of course I then discover that Geometry Wars Galaxies has a DS version that is 100% identical to the Wii version. At this point I am a little mopey that the Xbox is broken and that I have not been able to play Culdcept, I am going to fail at a contest to win $100, and I have not been able to play online with my friends. All of those factors add up to me thinking I should buy a new game, and Geometry Wars Galaxies is it. On the 15th, I went to CompUSA, which was in the final days of its closing sale. All video games were 40% off, and they had one I wanted. Seriously, how could I pass up 40% off? So I got Thrillville: Off the Rails. Thrillville is theme park simulator mixed with a mini-game collection. I have only played a few of the mini-games thus far, but I think it will be fun. Also for my birthday I got two games. From Abigail I got a DS game, which is a collection of old arcade games. Then from my parents, Abigail, and Abigail's parents I got Rock Band (more on that later). So that right there put me at seven games, which is a lot and I really did not have plans to do that. Then Abigail ends up buying a game called Professor Layton and the Curious Village. Professor Layton is an adventure game that is filled with logic puzzles and riddles. It is totally Abigail's game, even though it is a little frustrating because the game is designed to make people feel a bit stupid. During the time my Xbox was broke a Xbox Live Arcade game called Commanders came out. This is an arcade game that I have been waiting for as it is basically Advance Wars for the Xbox. The difference is that Commanders has online play, I had points I was saving for this game so once my Xbox was back online I got it. That get me to nine. The tenth game, is technically one I already got this month! The arcade collection DS game has a game on it called Time Pilot. This is a simple shooter made in 1982, but I got obsessive over it,going for a higher and higher score. Unfortunately, I had no way to know how good my score was and when you are competing against only yourself half the fun is gone. Time Pilot also exist as an Xbox Live Aracade game, and on the Xbox it has a high score board that everyone who has the game is ranked on, so I got it as well so I can go for high scores (also the Xbox controller is a lot easier to use than the DS). So I did not really plan to get all of these games. It is ok though, because after Rainbow Six Vegas 2 in March it will be a good while before I get any more games.

So Rock Band is a must purchase for anyone who has a 360, and for anyone who likes fun. It is so much fun to play with other people. Seriously, on Tuesday night Abigail and I played for three hours! I think before that the single longest that Abigail has ever played a game is maybe an hour (in back to back to back Catan matches). Also at the lock-in I got to play with four people for a couple of hours, and that is a lot of fun.


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